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Title: Síndrome metabólica em trabalhadores em turnos alternantes de uma mineradora na Região de Inconfidentes – MG.
Other Titles: Metabolic syndrome in alternating shift workers in a mining region in Inconfidentes – MG.
Authors: Ambrosim, Ticiana Vazzoler
Alves, Márcia Elivane
Nascimento Neto, Raimundo Marques do
Freitas, Silvia Nascimento de
Keywords: Síndrome metabólica
Trabalho em turnos
Desordem do sono
Sleep disorder
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: AMBROSIM, T. V. et al. Síndrome metabólica em trabalhadores em turnos alternantes de uma mineradora na Região de Inconfidentes – MG. Revista da Associação Brasileira de Nutrição, v. 6, p. 5-11, 2014. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 08 nov. 2014.
Abstract: Objective: To investigate the prevalence of metabolic syndrome (MetS) and its components among alternating shift workers of a mining company in the region of Inconfidentes --‐ MG. Methods: 678 male alternating shift workers of four mines in a miningregion in Inconfidentes were evaluated. Sociodemographic, behavioral, anthropometric, biochemical and blood pressure data were collected. MetS was diagnosed according to the criteria recommended by the Institute Diabetes Federation (2005). Statistical analysis were performed with the Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) version 17.0, where descriptive analysis and chi--‐square test were done to compare the groups, adopting a significance level of 5% alpha. The study was approved by the Research Ethical Committee of the Institution. Results: The average age of the workers was 34, most were non--‐white individuals, had attended high school and were living with their spouses. It was reported that 72.7% did not smoke, 82.3% had no risk for consumption of alcoholic beverages and 26.1% did not exercise. The observed prevalence of MetS was 34.5%, 52.4% with waist circumference (WC) ≥ 90 cm, 51.9% with change in blood pressure (BP), 33.6% with triglycerides ≥ 150 Mg / dL, 59.4% had HDL cholesterol <40mg/dL and 14.9% with fasting glucose ≥ 100 Mg / dL. Conclusion: We found high prevalence of MetS among the workers, as well as high prevalence of change in WC, BP and HDL--‐cholesterol.
ISSN: 2357-7894
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