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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Synthesis and structural characterization of new benzylidene glycosides, cytotoxicity against cancer cell lines and molecular modeling studies.Péret, Vinícius Augusto Campos; Reis, Adriana Cotta Cardoso; Silva, Naiara Chaves; Dias, Amanda Latercia Tranches; Carvalho, Diogo Teixeira; Dias, Danielle Ferreira; Braga, Saulo Fehelberg Pinto; Brandão, Geraldo Célio; Souza, Thiago Belarmino de
2021Extraction and fractionation effects on antiplasmodial activity and phytochemical composition of Palicourea hoffmannseggianaOhashi, Leticia Hiromi; Gontijo, Douglas da Costa; Nascimento, Maria Fernanda Alves do; Margalho, Luciano Ferreira; Brandão, Geraldo Célio; Oliveira, Alaíde Braga de
2021Anti-zika activity of Ouratea semiserrata and dereplication of its constituents.Ferreira, Gabriel Monteze; Silva, Breno de Mello; Souza, Gustavo Henrique Bianco de; Oliveira, Alaíde Braga de; Brandão, Geraldo Célio
2021Glucosyl-1,2,3-triazoles derived from eugenol and analogues : synthesis, anti-Candida activity, and molecular modeling studies in CYP-51.Magalhães, Lorena Severiano de; Reis, Adriana Cotta Cardoso; Nakao, Izadora Amaral; Péret, Vinícius Augusto Campos; Reis, Rúbia Castro Fernandes Melo; Silva, Naiara Chaves; Dias, Amanda Latércia Tranches; Carvalho, Diogo Teixeira; Dias, Danielle Ferreira; Brandão, Geraldo Célio; Braga, Saulo Fehelberg Pinto; Souza, Thiago Belarmino de