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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016An 8-hydroxyquinoline-containing polymeric micelle system is effective for the treatment of murine tegumentary leishmaniasis.Lage, Letícia Martins dos Reis; Barichello, José Mario; Lage, Daniela Pagliara; Mendonça, Débora Vasconcelos Costa; Carvalho, Ana Maria Ravena Severino; Rodrigues, Marcella Rezende; Souza, Daniel Menezes; Roatt, Bruno Mendes; Alves, Ricardo José; Tavares, Carlos Alberto Pereira; Coelho, Eduardo Antônio Ferraz; Duarte, Mariana Costa
2016Poloxamer 407 (Pluronic® F127)-based polymeric micelles for amphotericin B : in vitro biological activity, toxicity and in vivo therapeutic efficacy against murine tegumentary leishmaniasis.Mendonça, Débora Vasconcelos Costa; Lage, Letícia Martins dos Reis; Lage, Daniela Pagliara; Chávez Fumagalli, Miguel Angel; Ribeiro, Fernanda Ludolf; Roatt, Bruno Mendes; Souza, Daniel Menezes; Faraco, André Augusto Gomes; Castilho, Rachel Oliveira; Tavares, Carlos Alberto Pereira; Barichello, José Mario; Duarte, Mariana Costa; Coelho, Eduardo Antônio Ferraz