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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Combined experimental powder x-ray diffraction and DFT data to obtain the lowest energy molecular conformation of friedelin.Oliveira, Djalma Menezes de; Mussel, Wagner da Nova; Duarte, Lucienir Pains; Silva, Grácia Divina de Fátima; Duarte, Hélio Anderson; Gomes, Elionai Cassiana de Lima; Guimarães, Luciana; Vieira Filho, Sidney Augusto
2018Lupeol and its esters : NMR, powder XRD data and in vitro evaluation of cancer cell growth.Silva, Aline Teixeira Maciel; Magalhães, Cássia Gonçalves; Duarte, Lucienir Pains; Mussel, Wagner da Nova; Ruiz, Ana Lucia Tasca Gois; Shiozawa, Larissa; Carvalho, João Ernesto de; Trindade, Izabel Cristina; Vieira Filho, Sidney Augusto
2014Pentacyclic triterpenes from branches of Maytenus robusta and in vitro cytotoxic property against 4T1 cancer cells.Sousa, Grasiely Faria de; Soares, Daniel Crístian Ferreira; Mussel, Wagner da Nova; Pompeu, Nana Flora Elias; Silva, Grácia Divina de Fátima; Vieira Filho, Sidney Augusto; Duarte, Lucienir Pains