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1999Cyclic AMP and low molecular weight effector(s) present in yeast extract are involved in pectin lyase production by Penicillium griseoroseum cultured on glucose.Pereira, Maria Cristina Baracat; Coelho, Jorge Luiz Cavalcante; Minussi, Rosana Cristina; Alves, Virgínia Maria Chaves; Brandão, Rogélio Lopes; Silva, Daison Olzany
1998Intracellular signal triggered by cholera toxin in Saccharomyces boulardii and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.Brandão, Rogélio Lopes; Castro, Ieso de Miranda; Bambirra, Eduardo Alves; Amaral, Sheila Coutinho; Fietto, Luciano Gomes; Trópia, Maria José Magalhães; Neves, Maria José; Santos, Raquel Gouvêa dos; Gomes, Newton Carlos Marcial; Nicoli, Jacques Robert
1991Effect of substrate and pH on the activity of proteases from Fusarium oxysporum var. lini.Castro, Ieso de Miranda; Lima, Angélica Alves; Paula, Carmem Aparecida de; Nicoli, Jacques Robert; Brandão, Rogélio Lopes
1990Regulation of sugar transport systems in Fusarium oxysporum var. lini.Brandão, Rogélio Lopes; Dias, Maria C. Loureiro
1998Purification and substrate specificity of an angiotensin converting elastase-2 from the rat mesenteric arterial bed perfusate.Paula, Carmem Aparecida de; Sousa, Marcelo Valle de; Salgado, Maria Cristina de Oliveira; Oliveira, Eduardo Brandt de
1991Glycerol utilization in Fusarium oxysporum var lini : regulation of transport and metabolism.Castro, Ieso de Miranda; Dias, Maria C. Loureiro
1994Utilization of lactic acid by Fusarium oxysporum var. lini : regulation of transport and metabolism.Castro, Ieso de Miranda; Dias, Maria C. Loureiro
1996Cell surface analysis of trypanosomes of the subgenus Schizotrypanum isolate from bats.Pinto, Artur da Silveira; Teixeira, Luiz Fernando de Medeiros; Padron, Thais Cristina Baeta Soares Souto; Andrade, Arnaldo Feitosa Braga de
1994Granulomatous hypersensitivity to Schistosoma mansoni egg antigens in human schistosomiasis. IV. A role for prostaglandin-induced inhibition of in vitro granuloma formation.Goes, Alfredo Miranda de; Rezende, Simone Aparecida; Gazzinelli, Giovanni; Doughty, Barbara L.
1997IL-10 plays a role in modulation of human granulomatous hypersensitivity against Schistosoma mansoni eggs induced by immune complexes.Rezende, Simone Aparecida; Teixeira, David Nascimento Silva; Drummond, Sandra Costa; Goes, Alfredo Miranda de