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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Repeated-sprint ability determined in game in elite male Brazilian football players.Silva, Vagner Gonçalves da; Rocha, Michele Rafaela Cândida Ciríaco; Gonçalves, Allan Cristian; Morandi, Rodrigo Figueiredo; Oliveira, Emerson Cruz de; Pimenta, Eduardo Mendonça
2015The alpha-actinin-3 R577X polymorphism and physical performance in soccer players.Coelho, Daniel Barbosa; Pimenta, Eduardo Mendonça; Cruz, Izinara Rosse da; Veneroso, Christiano Eduardo; Oliveira, Lenice Kappes Becker; Carvalho, Maria Raquel Santos; Pussieldi, Guilherme de Azambuja; Garcia, Emerson Silami
2014Heart rate and rating of perceived exertion in simulated competitive fights in brazilian karate fighters.Oliveira, Tiago Peçanha de; Andrade, Francine Caetano de; Sousa, Carolina Zampa de; Braga, Camila Felício Silva Arantes; Filgueiras, Juliana Fernandes; Pertence, Leonardo Coelho; Coelho, Emerson Filipino; Milanez, Vinícius Flávio; Lima, Jorge Roberto Perrout de
2015Comparison of the training load intensity planned by the coach with the training perceptions of the swimming athletes.Nogueira, Francine Caetano de Andrade; Nogueira, Ruan Alves; Dias, Bernardo Miloski; Cordeiro, André Henrique de Oliveira; Werneck, Francisco Zacaron; Bara Filho, Maurício Gattás
2018Improvement of physical performance, hormonal profile, recovery-stress balance and increase of muscle damage in a specific futsal pre-season planning.Nogueira, Francine Caetano de Andrade; Freitas, Victor Hugo de; Nogueira, Ruan Alves; Dias, Bernardo Miloski; Werneck, Francisco Zacaron; Bara Filho, Maurício Gattás