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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Argyrophil cell density in the oxyntic mucosa is higher in female than in male morbidly obese patients.Maksud, Fabiana Alves Nunes; Kakehasi, Adriana Maria; Barbosa, Alfredo José Afonso
2012Anthropometric methods for obesity screening in schoolchildren; the Ouro Preto Study.Cândido, Ana Paula Carlos; Alosta, J. P. S.; Oliveira, Cinthia Teixeira de; Freitas, Renata Nascimento de; Freitas, Silvia Nascimento de; Coelho, George Luiz Lins Machado
2011Anthropometric measurements and obesity diagnosis in schoolchildren.Cândido, Ana Paula Carlos; Freitas, Silvia Nascimento de; Coelho, George Luiz Lins Machado
2013Ability of body mass index to predict abnormal waist circumference : receiving operating characteristics analysis.Lauria, Márcio Weissheimer; Moreira, Lívia Maria Pinheiro; Coelho, George Luiz Lins Machado; Nascimento Neto, Raimundo Marques do; Soares, Maria Marta Sarquis; Ramos, Adauto Versiani
2012Association between nutritional status, food habits and physical activity level in schoolchildren.Coelho, Lorene Gonçalves; Cândido, Ana Paula Carlos; Coelho, George Luiz Lins Machado; Freitas, Silvia Nascimento de
2015Study of the clinical and histopathological repercussions of the “omental band” in dogs’ stomach.Siqueira, Sávio Lana; Silva, Adriana Torres da; Bráulio, Cléber Stockler Ribeiro; Jalles, Marina Paranhos; Mendes, Guilherme Matos Serretti; Carmo, Pedro Sérgio Cascimiro Nicolau do; Camargos, Maria Luiza Lopes