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Title: Projeto/Reprojeto de bancos de dados relacionais : a ferramenta DB-Tool.
Authors: Ferreira, Anderson Almeida
Laender, Alberto Henrique Frade
Silva, Altigran Soares da
Issue Date: 1997
Citation: FERREIRA, A. A.; LAENDER, A. H. F.; SILVA, A. S. da. Projeto/Reprojeto de bancos de dados relacionais : a ferramenta DB-Tool. In. XII Simpósio Brasileiro de Banco de Dados. 1997. Fortaleza. Anais... Fortaleza: Simpósio Brasileiro de Banco de Dados, 1997. Disponível em: <>:. Acesso em: 22 out. 2012.
Abstract: This paper describes a tool that supp orts the design and redesign of relational databases The tool produces optimized relational representations of entity relationship ER schemas and is implemented using Informix as its target database management system DBMS The tool operates in two phases In the first phase it receives as input an ER schema and generates a list of commands to implement the corresponding Informix schema In the second phase it receives a list of redesign commands specifying changes to the ER schema and generates a redesign plan to reestructure the database accordingly An example illustrates the use of the tool.
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