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Title: Production of biogas and fermentable sugars from spent brewery grains : evaluation of one- and two-stage thermal pretreatment in an integrated biorefinery.
Authors: Camargos, Adonai Bruneli de
Fonseca, Yasmim Arantes da
Silva, Nayara Clarisse Soares
Barreto, Elisa da Silva
Herrera Adarme, Oscar Fernando
Paranhos, Aline Gomes de Oliveira
Gurgel, Leandro Vinícius Alves
Baeta, Bruno Eduardo Lobo
Keywords: Anaerobic digestion
Enzymatic hydrolysis
Lignocellullosic biomass
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: CAMARGOS, A. B. de et al. Production of biogas and fermentable sugars from spent brewery grains: evaluation of one- and two-stage thermal pretreatment in an integrated biorefinery. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, v. 9, artigo 105960, 2021. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 11 out. 2022.
Abstract: In this study, the production of fermentable sugars and biogas from thermally pretreated brewer’s spent grains (BSGs) was investigated. There were two autohydrolysis conditions (C1-1S: 180 oC, 30 min, 5 mLH2O gBSG − 1 and C2- 1S: 180 oC, 60 min, 5 mLH2O gBSG − 1 ) which were evaluated, with and without a previous low severity pretreatment (80 oC, 10 min, 10 mLH2O gBSG − 1 ). The highest specific methane production (302.4 NLCH4 kgCOD − 1 ) and enzymatic hydrolysis yield (EHY of 98%, 50 FPU gBSG − 1 ) were obtained from the two-stage pretreatment, with the second stage operated at 180 ◦C for 60 min, 5 mLH2O gBSG − 1 . However, in the integrated process, the two-stage pre- treatment with the second stage performed at 180 ◦C for 30 min, and 5 mLH2O gBSG − 1 was the best condition to produce fermentable sugars from enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated BSGs, using a lower enzyme loading (EHY of 93%, 25 FPU gBSG − 1 ). The burning of biogas produced from an anaerobic digestion of liquid fractions (hydroly- sates) generated after two-stage thermal pretreatment in a combined heat and power system can produce a net thermal energy of 1.71 MJ kgBSG dry basis − 1 and electrical energy of 0.392 kW h kgBSG dry basis − 1 .
ISSN: 2213-3437
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