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Title: From the Whitehorse Mining Initiative towards sustainable mining : lessons learned.
Authors: Fitzpatrick, Patricia
Fonseca, Alberto de Freitas Castro
McAllister, Mary Louise
Keywords: Sustainability
Mining Association of Canada
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: FITZPATRICK, P.; FONSECA, A. de F. C.; MCALLISTER, M. L. From the Whitehorse Mining Initiative towards sustainable mining : lessons learned. Journal of Cleaned Production, v. 19, n. 4, p. 376-384, 2011. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 02 out. 2012.
Abstract: Much debate has taken place within t he mineral policy community about whether or not meaningful progress has been made towards more sustainable practices. This paper investigates t he changing approaches towards sustainable development undertaken by t he Mining Association of Canada (M AC) over a period of approximately 20 years. The analysis begins in the early 1990s when MAC initiated the Whitehorse Mining Initiative (WMI) and concludes in 2010 when the association was operating under a strategy entitled Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM). The goal is to consider the nature of the learning that has taken place towards sustainability within the mineral industry using the ca se of a leading national mining association. The investigation was undertaken through a literature review as well as key informant interviews with stake holders affected by the Canadian Mining Industry. Findings suggest that MAC’ s approach to su stainable development has shif ted from an ambitious and holistic partnership involving a range of stake holders to a focused, member-specific agenda that addresses a few performance issues. The transition to TSM was based on lessons learned through working with the WMI and subsequent efforts. It reflects broader corporate tendencies to address social and ecological issues through corporate social responsibility initiatives. The implications of these trends suggest that voluntary initiatives in and of themselves should not be expected to replace the comprehensive regulatory responsibilities historically provided by government.
ISSN: 09596526
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