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Title: Energy averages and fluctuations in the decay out of superdeformed bands.
Authors: Sargeant, Adam James
Hussein, Mahir Saleh
Pato, Mauricio Porto
Ueda, Masahito
Issue Date: 2002
Citation: SARGEANT, A. J. et al. Energy averages and fluctuations in the decay out of superdeformed bands. Physical Review. C, Nuclear Physics, v. 66, n. 6, p. 064301, 2002. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 26 set. 2012.
Abstract: We derive analytic formulas for the energy average including the energy average of the fluctuation contribution! and variance of the intraband decay intensity of a superdeformed band. Our results may be expressed in terms of three dimensionless variables: G#/GS , GN /d, and GN /(GS1G#). Here G# is the spreading width for the mixing of a superdeformed ~SD! state u0& with the normally deformed ~ND! states uQ& whose spin is the same as u0&’s. The uQ& have mean lever spacing d and mean electromagnetic decay width GN whilst u0& has electromagnetic decay width GS. The average decay intensity may be expressed solely in terms of the variables G#/GS and GN /d or, analogously to statistical nuclear reaction theory, in terms of the transmission coefficients T0(E) and TN describing transmission from the uQ& to the SD band via u0& and to lower ND states. The variance of the decay intensity, in analogy with Ericson’s theory of cross section fluctuations, depends on an additional variable, the correlation length GN /(GS1G#)5(d/2p)TN /(GS1G#). This suggests that analysis of an experimentally determined variance could yield the mean level spacing d as does analysis of the cross section autocorrelation function in compound nucleus reactions. We compare our results with those of Gu and Weidenmu¨ller.
ISSN: 05562813
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