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Title: Dynamic behavior of tapping axial force.
Authors: Pereira, Igor Cezar
Mapa, Lidianne de Paula Pinto
Barros, Thamiris Nogueira de
Fortes, Reinaldo Clemente
Silva, Marcio Bacci da
Guimarães, Gustavo Paulinelli
Keywords: Tapping dynamics
Force signal
Clamping systems
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: PEREIRA, I. C. et al. Dynamic behavior of tapping axial force. Journal of Vibration Engineering & Technologies, v. 1, maio. 2021. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 12 set. 2021.
Abstract: Background Tapping is one of the processes that most requires attention in the industry, due to the stage in which it occurs and its characteristics. In the case of tapping, it is common to use components and equipment with less rigidity, which com promises the dynamic behavior in several situations and can lead to process distortion or failure. Purpose The objective of this paper is to study the dynamic behavior of tapping in relation to several characteristics of the process. Methods The dynamic behavior of the force signal was used to evaluate the process, varying the cutting parameters and the clamping system of the workpiece. Results The experimental results indicate that the foating system did not present a good dynamic behavior at high cutting speeds, this greater application of vibration is due to the resonance due to the combination of oscillations under forced and natural vibration. Conclusions The natural frequency of the foating fxture system infuenced the behavior of the axial forces. The increase in cutting speed resulted in a direct increase in the axial force vibrations as its frequency came close to the natural frequency of the system. Through dynamic analysis of the axial force signal observed the dynamic characteristics of the process and the machine tool. This allowed the dynamic evaluation of the system through the measurement of force signals generated in the threading process.
ISSN: 2523-3939
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