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Title: Synergistic effect between CeO2 nanowires and gold NPs over the activity and selectivity in the oxidation of thioanisole.
Authors: Rosado, Taíssa F.
Teixeira, Moisés Paulo
Moraes, Leonardo César de
Silva, Leonardo A. da
Silva, Augusto V. Pontes
Taylor, Jason Guy
Freitas, Isabel Cristina de
Oliveira, Daniela Coelho de
Gardener, Jules
Solorzano, Guilhermo
Alves, Tiago Vinicius
Venancio, Mateus Fernandes
Silva, Maria Isabel Pais da
Brocchi, Eduardo de Albuquerque
Fajardo, Humberto Vieira
Silva, Anderson Gabriel Marques da
Keywords: Au nanoparticles
Oxygen vacancy
Issue Date: 2021
Citation: ROSADO, T. F. et al. Synergistic effect between CeO2 nanowires and gold NPs over the activity and selectivity in the oxidation of thioanisole. Applied Catalysis A, General, v. 613, artigo 118010, 2021. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 10 jun. 2021.
Abstract: Gold nanoparticles incorporated on ceria nanowires have been employed as efficient nanocatalysts for the se lective oxidation of thioanisole. The control of both physical and chemical parameters as well as metal–support interactions are important factors that determine their performances. Considering their one-dimensional morphology with large surface area, thin diameters, high concentration of oxygen vacancies, and small Au NPs uniformly on the entire CeO2 surface with a high fraction of oxidized gold species, these characteristics make them favorable nanocatalysts for oxidation transformations. The CeO2-Au nanowires displayed improved per formances towards the oxidation of thioanisole when compared to the pure CeO2 nanowires and commercial CeO2-Au catalysts. The CeO2-Au nanowires catalyzed the selective synthesis of methyl phenyl sulfoxide with up to 100 % of selectivity and high conversion. The impact of solvent and temperature during the catalytic reaction was also experimentally and theoretically investigated by DFT calculations, indicating a key role in the observed activities.
ISSN: 0926-860X
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