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Title: Austenitizing temperature and cooling rate effects on the martensitic transformation in a microalloyed-steel.
Authors: Souza, Samuel da Silva de
Moreira, Paulo Sérgio
Faria, Geraldo Lúcio de
Keywords: Martensitic transformation kinetics
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: SOUZA, S. da S. de; MOREIRA, P. S.; FARIA, G. L. de. Austenitizing temperature and cooling rate effects on the martensitic transformation in a microalloyed-steel. Materials Research, v. 23, n. 1, out./jan. 2020. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 12 set. 2021.
Abstract: The effects of the austenitizing temperature and the cooling rate upon the kinetic of athermal martensitic transformation in a microalloyed steel were evaluated. Considering the studied steel, the knowledge about these effects on the martensitic transformation has a great relevance for naval manufacturers and steel researchers. In this study, computational simulation was performed aiming to evaluate the phase’s stability. Specimens were submitted to quenching simulations in a dilatometer, considering four different austenitizing temperatures and four cooling rates. The results shown that the austenite chemical composition was not significantly affected by the austenitizing temperatures. Both the austenitic grain size and the cooling rate affected the martensitic transformation kinetics. The larger the austenitic grain size, the higher the Ms. The austenitic grain growth promoted a decrease in the required chemical energy to compensate the free energy increase associated with the lattice strain and the creation of new interfaces, leading to a lower austenite undercooling. An extrinsic effect of the cooling rate on the Ms was observed. For lower cooling rates, the carbide precipitation modified que austenite chemical composition, changing its stability and increasing Ms. A predictability equation, correlating the MS with the austenite grain size and the steel cooling rate, was proposed.
ISSN: 1980-5373
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