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Title: Pollination biology of the endangered columnar cactus Cipocereus crassisepalus : a case of close relationship between plant and pollinator.
Authors: Leandro, Cristiane Martins
Oliveira, Reisla Silva de
Aguiar, Ludmilla Moura de Souza
Itabaiana, Yasmine Antonini
Keywords: Anoura caudifer
Effective pollinator
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: LEANDRO, C. M. et al. Pollination biology of the endangered columnar cactus Cipocereus crassisepalus: a case of close relationship between plant and pollinator. Acta Botanica Brasilica, v. 34, p. 177-184, jan./mar. 2020. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 12 maio 2021.
Abstract: The family Cactaceae possesses considerable floral diversity and is exclusively zoophilic. Cipocereus crassisepalus is an endangered species of columnar cactus, whose floral characteristics fit the chiropterophily syndrome. This study aimed to assess the correspondence between floral traits and pollinators and whether the pollination system of C. crassisepalus is specialized, as suggested by the hypothesis of geographical dichotomy. Hand pollination treatments demonstrated that C. crassisepalus depends on cross-pollen flow mediated by pollinators to set fruit and seeds. Nocturnal film recordings, diurnal observations, analyses of pollen loads of flower visitors and visitor exclusion experiments provided strong evidence that bats are the sole pollinators of this cactus. During two flowering seasons, pollen grains of C. crassisepalus were found only on the bodies of the bat Anoura caudifer. Cipocereus crassisepalus possesses a pollination system specialized on nectar-feeding bats, which corroborates the geographical dichotomy hypothesis.
ISSN: 1677-941X
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