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Título : Concurrent validity and reliability of 3-day physical activity recall on daily energy expenditure in children and adolescents.
Autor : Damasceno, Vinicius de Oliveira
Lima, Jorge Roberto Perrout de
Gonçalves, Reginaldo
Vianna, Jeferson Macedo
Werneck, Francisco Zacaron
Amorim, Paulo Roberto
Lima Júnior, Dalton
Lamounier, Joel Alves
Palabras clave : Obesity
Fecha de publicación : 2021
Citación : DAMASCENO, V. de O. et al. Concurrent validity and reliability of 3-day physical activity recall on daily energy expenditure in children and adolescents. Human Movement, v. 22, n. 2, p. 93-101, 2021. Disponível em: <https://www.termedia.pl/Concurrent-validity-and-reliability-of-3-day-physical-activity-recall-on-daily-energy-expenditure-in-children-and-adolescents,129,42104,0,1.html>. Acesso em: 10 jun. 2021.
Resumen : Purpose. The aim of this study was to validate the 3-Day Physical Activity Recall (3DPAR) for measuring daily energy expenditure in children and adolescents. Methods. Children and adolescents, a total of 148 participants, were recruited in 10 schools. The data collection was carried out in a period of 11 months. The measurements of weight, skinfold, and circumferences were performed. After the anthropometric assessment, an accelerometer was put on and the participant remained with the electrodes during 5 days. On the fifth day, the accelerometer was taken off and 3DPAR was applied. After 1 week of the study (eighth day), 3DPAR was applied again for testing reliability. Results. In the analysis of reliability and internal consistency, Cronbach’s alpha was 0.73 for the first assessment of 3DPAR and 0.83 for the second one. The consistency of the values estimated by 3DPAR yielded Cronbach’s alpha of 0.89 in the first assessment and 0.83 in the second one. The correlations and the coefficient of determination between 3DPAR and the accelerometer were considered moderate and significant (r = 0.645, p < 0.001). Conclusions. 3DPAR presented satisfactory reliability and moderate correlations with the criterion measurement in children and adolescents aged 10–12 years.
URI : http://www.repositorio.ufop.br/jspui/handle/123456789/13590
metadata.dc.identifier.doi: https://doi.org/10.5114/hm.2021.100018
ISSN : 1899-1955
metadata.dc.rights.license: This is an Open Access journal distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs (CC BY-NC-ND) (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/legalcode), allowing third parties to download and share its works but not commercially purposes or to create derivative works. Fonte: Human Movement <https://www.termedia.pl/Concurrent-validity-and-reliability-of-3-day-physical-activity-recall-on-daily-energy-expenditure-in-children-and-adolescents,129,42104,1,1.html>. Acesso em: 25 jun. 2021.
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