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Title: Um algoritmo coevolutivo cooperativo para configuração de uma rede de sensores sem fio.
Authors: Ruela, André Siqueira
Aquino, André Luiz Lins de
Guimarães, Frederico Gadelha
Freitas, Alan Robert Resende de
Keywords: Redes complexas
Algoritmos genéticos coevolutivos
Redes de sensores sem fios
Área de classificação principal
Otimização combinatória
Issue Date: 2011
Citation: RUELA, A. S. et al. Um algoritmo coevolutivo cooperativo para configuracão ao de uma rede de sensores sem fio. In: XLIII Simpósio Brasileiro de Pesquisa Operacional, 43., 2011. Ubatuba. Anais..., 2011. p.1-12. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 24 jul. 2012.
Abstract: This work proposes a cooperative coevolutionary algorithm for design of a wireless sensor network considering complex network metrics. It is proposed a heuristic to find a network configuration such that its communication structure presents a small value for the average shortest path length and a high cluster coefficient. This configuration considers a cluster based network, where the cluster heads have two communication radii. We describe how the problem can be partitioned and how the fitness computation can be divided such that the cooperative coevolution model is feasible. The results reveal that our methodology allows the configuration of networks with more than a hundred nodes with two specifics complex network measurements allowing the reduction of energy consumption and the data transmission delay.
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