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Title: Ru(II)–thyminate complexes : new metallodrug candidates against tumor cells.
Authors: Correa, Rodrigo de Souza
Freire, Vitória
Barbosa, Marília Imaculada Frazão
Bezerra, Daniel Pereira
Bomfim, Larissa Mendes
Moreira, Diogo Rodrigo de Magalhães
Soares, Milena Botelho Pereira
Ellena, Javier Alcides
Batista, Alzir Azevedo
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: CORREA, R. de S. et al. Ru(II)–thyminate complexes : new metallodrug candidates against tumor cells. New Journal of Chemistry, v. 42, p. 6794--6802, 2018. Disponível em: <!divAbstract>. Acesso em: 7 mar. 2019.
Abstract: Herein, we used thymine (HThy) as a ligand to form two new ruthenium(II) complexes with formula [Ru(PPh3)2(Thy)(bipy)]PF6 (1) and [Ru(Thy)(bipy)(dppb)]PF6 (2). The complexes were characterized by spectroscopic, spectrometric and X-ray crystallography analyses. Complexes 1 and 2 can interact with ctDNA presenting binding constants, Kb, of 0.4 and 1.2 × 103 M−1, respectively. Their cytotoxic activities towards tumor cell lines (B16-F10, HepG2, K562 and HL-60) and non-tumor cells (PBMCs) were evaluated using the Alamar blue assay. Complex 1 exhibits high cytotoxicity against tumor cells, showing IC50 values of 0.01 and 1.81 μM against the HL-60 and HepG2 cell lines, respectively. Therefore, compound 1 can be considered as a promising antitumor metallodrug.
ISSN: 1369-9261
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