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Title: TabPath : interactive tables for metabolic pathway analysis.
Authors: Moraes, Lauro Ângelo Gonçalves de
Felestrino, Érica Barbosa
Assis, Renata de Almeida Barbosa
Matos, Diogo
Lima, Joubert de Castro
Lima, Leandro de Araújo
Almeida Junior, Nalvo Franco de
Setubal, João Carlos
Garcia, Camila Carrião Machado
Moreira, Leandro Marcio
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: MORAES, L. A. G. de. et al. TabPath : interactive tables for metabolic pathway analysis. Bioinformatics, v. 34, p. 1040-1042, 2017. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 16 jun. 2018.
Abstract: Information about metabolic pathways in a comparative context is one of the most powerful tool to help the understanding of genome-based differences in phenotypes among organisms. Although several platforms exist that provide a wealth of information on metabolic pathways of diverse organisms, the comparison among organisms using metabolic pathways is still a difficult task. We present TabPath (Tables for Metabolic Pathway), a web-based tool to facilitate comparison of metabolic pathways in genomes based on KEGG. From a selection of pathways and genomes of interest on the menu, TabPath generates user-friendly tables that facilitate analysis of variations in metabolism among the selected organisms.
ISSN: 14602059
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