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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Adsorption of organic and inorganic arsenic from aqueous solutions using MgAl-LDH with incorporated nitroprusside.Borges, Gabriella Alexandre; Ferreira, Gabriel Max Dias; Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Dias, Anderson; Najera Navarro, Keirom Osmany; Silva, Sílvia Juliana Barros e; Rodrigues, Guilherme Dias; Mageste, Aparecida Barbosa
2013Evidence of defect-mediated magnetic coupling on hydrogenated Co-doped ZnO.Godoy, Marcio Peron Franco de; Mesquita, Alexandre; Avansi Junior, Waldir; Neves, P. P.; Chitta, Valmir Antônio; Ferraz, Wilmar Barbosa; Boselli, Marco Aurélio; Sabioni, Antônio Claret Soares; Carvalho, Hugo Bonette de
2018Growth and characterization of ammonium nickel-cobalt sulfate Tutton’s salt for UV light applications.Ghosh, Santunu; Oliveira, Michelle de; Pacheco, Tiago de Sousa; Perpétuo, Genivaldo Julio; Franco, Carlos Joel
2020Influence of temperature on the structural and color properties of nickel molybdates.Silva, Maíra Vieira da; Oliveira, Daynara Faustina Moreira de; Oliveira, Henrique dos Santos; Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix
2022On the experimental and theoretical calculations of rotameric conformations of a new Schiff base derived from amantadine.Niquini Junior, Fabiano Mafia; Machado, Pedro Henrique; Rodrigues, Júlia Helena Valadares; Silva, Augusto Vieira Pontes; Figueiredo, Rute Cunha; Silveira, Rafael Gomes da; Correa, Rodrigo de Souza
2001Phase transitions in Nb rich coating produced by laser alloying : a synchrotron radiation diffraction study.Costa, Adilson Rodrigues da; Craievich, Aldo; Vilar, Rui
2006Process mineralogy of bacterial oxidized gold ore in São Bento Mine (Brasil).Márquez, Marco; Gaspar, José; Bessler, Karl Eberhard; Costa, Geraldo Magela da
2014Refinement of the isomorphic substitutions in goethite and hematite by the Rietveld method, and relevance to bauxite characterization and processing.Neumann, Reiner; Avelar, Angela Nair; Costa, Geraldo Magela da
2002Ultra-fast dehydration and reduction of iron oxides by infrared pulsed radiation.Costa, Adilson Rodrigues da