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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013An iterated local search heuristic for multi-capacity bin packing and machine reassignment problems.Masson, Renaud; Vidal, Thibaut Victor Gaston; Michallet, Julien; Penna, Puca Huachi Vaz; Petrucci, Vinicius; Subramanian, Anand; Dubedout, Hugues
2019Heuristics for vehicle routing problems : sequence or set optimization?Toffolo, Túlio Ângelo Machado; Vidal, Thibaut Victor Gaston; Wauters, Tony
2019A hybrid heuristic for a broad class of vehicle routing problems with heterogeneous fleet.Penna, Puca Huachi Vaz; Subramanian, Anand; Ochi, Luiz Satoru; Vidal, Thibaut Victor Gaston; Prins, Christian
2018Large neighborhood-based metaheuristic and branch-and-price for the pickup and delivery problem with split loads.Haddad, Matheus Nohra; Pinto, Rafael Martinelli; Vidal, Thibaut Victor Gaston; Martins, Simone de Lima; Ochi, Luiz Satoru; Souza, Marcone Jamilson Freitas; Hartl, Richard
2015Large neighborhoods with implicit customer selection for vehicle routing problems with profits.Vidal, Thibaut Victor Gaston; Maculan Filho, Nelson; Ochi, Luiz Satoru; Penna, Puca Huachi Vaz
2021Mathematical models and heuristic algorithms for routing problems with multiple interacting components.Chagas, Jonatas Batista Costa das