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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An inductor-free realization of the Chua’s circuit based on electronic analogy.Rocha, Ronilson; Torricos, Rene Orlando Medrano
2022Chua circuit based on the exponential characteristics of semiconductor devices.Rocha, Ronilson; Torricos, Rene Orlando Medrano
2010Experimental characterization of nonlinear systems : a real-time evaluation of the analogous Chua’s circuit behavior.Rocha, Ronilson; Andrucioli, Guilherme L. D.; Torricos, Rene Orlando Medrano
2016Finding hidden oscillations in the operation of nonlinear electronic circuits.Rocha, R.; Torricos, Rene Orlando Medrano
2012Self-similarities of periodic structures for a discrete model of a two-gene system.Souza, Silvio Luiz Thomaz de; Lima, Angélica Alves; Caldas, Iberê Luiz; Torricos, Rene Orlando Medrano; Guimarães Filho, Zwinglio de Oliveira
2015Stability analysis and mapping of multiple dynamics of Chua’s circuit in full four-parameter SpacesV.Rocha, Ronilson; Torricos, Rene Orlando Medrano
2014The negative side of Chua’s circuit parameter space : stability analysis, period-adding, basin of attraction metamorphoses, and experimental investigation.Torricos, Rene Orlando Medrano; Rocha, Ronilson