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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Aplicação de catalisadores a base de heteropoliácidos na transformação de compostos terpênicos : (+)-aromadendreno e (R,R)-sabineno.Ribeiro, Maria Stella Palhares
2020Catalytic transformations of (+)-aromadendrene : functionalization and isomerization reactions in the presence of the heteropoly acid catalyst H3PW12O40.Ribeiro, Maria Stella Palhares; Santos, Caroline de Souza; Vieira, Camila Grossi; Rocha, Kelly Alessandra da Silva
2021Sulfonated expanded polystyrene waste promotes the (+)-citronellal cyclization reaction : a sustainable alternative process for biomass valorization.Ribeiro, Maria Stella Palhares; Pinto, Rayane Rocha Silva; Rocha, Kelly Alessandra da Silva; Vieira, Camila Grossi