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2018Comparative analysis of real-time PCR assays in the detection of canine visceral leishmaniasis.Nunes, Juliana Barbosa; Vital, Wendel Coura; Colombo, Fabio Antonio; Baêta, Frederico José Moreira; Pinheiro, Aimara da Costa; Roatt, Bruno Mendes; Reis, Levi Eduardo Soares; Reis, Alexandre Barbosa; Marques, Marcos José
2018Effectiveness of deltamethrin-impregnated dog collars on the incidence of canine infection by Leishmania infantum : a large scale intervention study in an endemic area in Brazil.Vital, Wendel Coura; Leal, Gleisiane Gomes de Almeida; Marques, Luana Araújo; Pinheiro, Aimara da Costa; Carneiro, Mariângela; Reis, Alexandre Barbosa
2018Risk profile for Leishmania infection in dogs coming from an area of visceral leishmaniasis reemergence.Leal, Gleisiane Gomes de Almeida; Carneiro, Mariângela; Pinheiro, Aimara da Costa; Marques, Luana Araújo; Ker, Henrique Gama; Reis, Alexandre Barbosa; Vital, Wendel Coura