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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Liquid-liquid extraction of rare earth elements using systems that are more environmentally friendly : advances, challenges and perspectives.Neves, Heyder Pereira; Ferreira, Gabriel Max Dias; Ferreira, Guilherme Max Dias; Lemos, Leandro Rodrigues de; Rodrigues, Guilherme Dias; Leão, Versiane Albis; Mageste, Aparecida Barbosa
2021Sistemas aquosos mais amigáveis ambientalmente para extração líquido-líquido de elementos terras raras.Neves, Heyder Pereira
2021Use of aqueous two-phase systems formed by Triton-X-and choline chloride for extraction of organic and inorganic arsenic.Silva, Sílvia Juliana Barros e; Ferreira, Gabriel Max Dias; Neves, Heyder Pereira; Lemos, Leandro Rodrigues de; Rodrigues, Guilherme Dias; Mageste, Aparecida Barbosa