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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Comment on ‘‘prediction of lattice constant in cubic perovskites".Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Dias, Anderson
2010Crystal structure and phonon modes of ilmenite-type NaBiO3 investigated by Raman and infrared spectroscopies.Dias, Anderson; Moreira, Roberto Luiz
2013Crystal structure of fluorite-related Ln3SbO7 (Ln=La–Dy) ceramics studied by synchrotron X-ray diffraction and Raman scattering.Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Borges, Raquel Moreira; Granado, Eduardo; Moreira, Leandro Malard; Paula, Ana Maria de; Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Bittar, Eduardo Matzenbacher; Dias, Anderson
2010Crystal structures and phonon modes of Ba(Ca1/2W1/2)O3, Ba(Ca1/2Mo1/2)O3 and Ba(Sr1/2W1/2)O3 complex perovskites investigated by Raman scattering.Dias, Anderson; Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Moreira, Roberto Luiz
2008Disorder-induced symmetry lowering in Ba(Y1/2Nb1/2)O3 ceramics probed by Raman spectroscopy.Dias, Anderson; Sá, Rodrigo Gomes; Moreira, Roberto Luiz
2019Exfoliation and characterization of a two-dimensional serpentine-based material.Santos, Joyce Cristina da Cruz; Barboza, Ana Paula Moreira; Matos, Matheus Josué de Souza; Barcelos, Ingrid David; Fernandes, Thales Fernando Damasceno; Soares, Edmar Avellar; Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Neves, Bernardo Ruegger Almeida
2017High-temperature antiferroelectric and ferroelectric phase transitions in phase pure LaTaO4.Abreu, Yuslín Gonzále; Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Matinaga, Franklin Massami; Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Dias, Anderson
2018Hydrothermal synthesis and polarized micro-Raman spectroscopy of copper molybdates.Martins, Guilherme Mendes; Coelho, Pâmela de Oliveira; Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Dias, Anderson
2015Influence of the matrix on the red emission in europium self-activated orthoceramics.Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Lima, Patrícia Pereira de; André, Maria Rute de Amorim e Sá Ferreira; Carlos, Luís António Ferreira Martins Dias; Bittar, Eduardo Matzenbacher; Matinaga, Franklin Massami; Paniago, Roberto Magalhães; Krambrock, Klaus Wilhelm Heinrich; Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Dias, Anderson
2018Infrared dispersion analysis and Raman scattering spectra of taurine single crystals.Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Lobo, Ricardo P. S. M.; Dias, Anderson
2018Investigation of polymorphism and vibrational properties of MnMoO4 microcrystals prepared by a hydrothermal process.Martins, Guilherme Mendes; Coelho, Pâmela de Oliveira; Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Dias, Anderson
2017Micro far-infrared dielectric response of lanthanide orthotantalates for applications in microwave circuitry.Dias, Anderson; Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Moreira, Roberto Luiz
2010Microwave-hydrothermal preparation of alkaline-earth-metal tungstates.Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Valadares, Marcelo; Dias, Anderson
2015Optical phonon features of triclinic montebrasite : dispersion analysis and non-polar Raman modes.Almeida, Rafael Mendonça; Höfer, Sonja; Mayerhöfer, Thomas G.; Popp, Jürgen; Krambrock, Klaus Wilhelm Heinrich; Lobo, Ricardo P. S. M.; Dias, Anderson; Moreira, Roberto Luiz
2016Optical phonon modes and infrared dielectric properties of monoclinic CoWO 4 microcrystals.Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Almeida, Rafael Mendonça; Siqueira, Kisla Prislen Félix; Abreu, Cíntia Grossi de; Dias, Anderson
2018Polarization‐resolved Raman modes of monoclinic SrAl2O4 ceramics.Dias, Anderson; Moreira, Roberto Luiz
2010Polarized Micro-Raman Scattering of CaNb 2 O 6 single crystal fibers obtained by laser heated pedestal growth.Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Teixeira, Nayara Gomes; Andreeta, Marcello Rubens Barsi; Hernandes, Antonio Carlos; Dias, Anderson
2010Polarized Raman scattering and infrared spectroscopy of a naturalmanganocolumbite single crystal.Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Rubinger, Carla Patricia Lacerda; Krambrock, Klaus Wilhelm Heinrich; Dias, Anderson
2007Production of Sr-deficient bismuth tantalates from microwave–hydrothermal derived precursors : structural and dielectric propertiesDias, Anderson; Moreira, Roberto Luiz
2018Raman and infrared spectroscopic investigations of a ferroelastic phase transition in Ba2ZnTeO6 double perovskite.Moreira, Roberto Luiz; Lobo, Ricardo P. S. M.; Ramos, Sérgio L. L. M.; Sebastian, Mailadil T.; Matinaga, Franklin Massami; Righi, Ariete; Dias, Anderson