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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Assessing the U-Pb, Sm-Nd and Sr-Sr isotopic compositions of the sume apatite as a reference material for LA-ICP-MS analysis.Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Gonçalves, Guilherme de Oliveira; Mazoz, Ariela Oliveira; Buick, Ian S.; Kamo, Sandra L.; Cipriano, Ricardo Augusto Scholz; Wang, Hao; Moreira, Hugo Souza; Babinski, Marly; Queiroga, Gláucia Nascimento
2018Evolution of Siderian juvenile crust to Rhyacian high Ba-Sr magmatism in the Mineiro Belt, southern São Francisco Craton.Moreira, Hugo Souza; Seixas, Luís Antônio Rosa; Storey, Craig Darryl; Fowler, Mike; Lasalle, Stephanie; Stevenson, Ross; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho
2018Geochronology and geochemistry of Ediacaran volcanic rocks of the Tighardine ore deposit formation (western High Atlas, Morocco).Boukerrou, Salah; Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias; Moreira, Hugo Souza; Maacha, Lhou; Zouhair, Mohamed; Outhounjite, Mohamed; Ouirouane, Said; Hibti, Mohamed; Touil, Ahmed
2019Insights into orogenic processes from drab schists and minor intrusions : Southern São Francisco Craton, Brazil.Moreira, Hugo Souza; Cassino, Lucas F.; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Storey, Craig Darryl; Albert, Capucine
2019Metamorphism and exhumation of basement gneiss domes in the Quadrilátero Ferrífero : two stage dome-and-keel evolution?Cutts, Kathryn Ann; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Alkmim, Fernando Flecha de; Farina, Federico; Moreira, Hugo Souza; Coelho, Viviane Viana
2020Paleoproterozoic juvenile magmatism within the northeastern sector of the São Francisco paleocontinent : insights from the shoshonitic high Ba–Sr Montezuma granitoids.Bersan, Samuel Moreira; Costa, Alice Fernanda de Oliveira; Danderfer Filho, André; Abreu, Francisco Robério de; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Queiroga, Gláucia Nascimento; Storey, Craig Darryl; Moreira, Hugo Souza
2020Petrogenetic processes at the tipping point of plate tectonics : Hf-O isotope ternary modelling of Earth’s last TTG to sanukitoid transition.Moreira, Hugo Souza; Storey, Craig Darryl; Fowler, Mike; Seixas, Luís Antônio Rosa; Dunlop, Joseph
2016The Archeane-Paleoproterozoic evolution of the Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Brasil : current models and open questions.Farina, Federico; Albert, Capucine; Martinez Dopico, Carmen Irene; Gil, Carmen Maria Aguilar; Moreira, Hugo Souza; Hippertt, J. P.; Cutts, Kathryn Ann; Alkmim, Fernando Flecha de; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho
2015The detrital zircon record of an Archaean convergent basin in the Southern São Francisco Craton, Brazil.Moreira, Hugo Souza; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Nalini Júnior, Hermínio Arias
2017U–Pb ages and Hf-isotope data of detrital zircons from the late Neoarchean-Paleoproterozoic Minas Basin, SE Brazil.Martinez Dopico, Carmen Irene; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Moreira, Hugo Souza; Cassino, Lucas F.; Alkmim, Fernando Flecha de
2020Zircon U-Pb and Lu-Hf record from high-grade complexes within the Mantiqueira Complex : first evidence of juvenile crustal input at 2.4–2.2 Ga and implications for the Palaeoproterozoic evolution of the São Francisco Craton.Cutts, Kathryn Ann; Lana, Cristiano de Carvalho; Moreira, Hugo Souza; Alkmim, Fernando Flecha de; Peres, Guilherme Gravina