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2018Chemical composition and secretion biology of the floral bouquet in legume trees (Fabaceae).Marinho, Cristina Ribeiro; Martucci, Maria Elvira Poleti; Gobbo Neto, Leonardo; Teixeira, Simone de Pádua
2018Comprehensive analysis by liquid chromatography Q‐Orbitrap mass spectrometry : fast screening of peptides and organic molecules.Sardela, Vinícius Figueiredo; Martucci, Maria Elvira Poleti; Araujo, Amanda Lessa Dutra de; Leal, E. C.; Oliveira, D. S.; Carneiro, G. R. A.; Deventer, K.; Eenoo, P. Van; Pereira, Henrique Marcelo Gualberto; Aquino Neto, Francisco Radler de
2018Comprehensive untargeted metabolomics of Lychnnophorinae subtribe (Asteraceae: Vernonieae) in a phylogenetic context.Martucci, Maria Elvira Poleti; Loeuille, Benoît Francis Patrice; Pirani, Jose Rubens; Gobbo Neto, Leonardo
2020Pharmacokinetic study of xylazine in a zebrafsh water tank, a human‑like surrogate, by liquid chromatography Q‑Orbitrap mass spectrometry.Mato, Rebecca Rodrigues; Martucci, Maria Elvira Poleti; Anselmo, Carina Souza de; Aquino Neto, Francisco Radler de; Pereira, Henrique Marcelo Gualberto; Sardela, Vinícius Figueiredo
2019Study of the reproductive biology of an Amazonian Heterotaxis (Orchidaceae) demonstrates the collection of resin‑like material by stingless bees.Krahl, Amauri Herbert; Holanda, Ana Sofia Sousa de; Krahl, Dayse Raiane Passos; Martucci, Maria Elvira Poleti; Gobbo Neto, Leonardo; Webber, Antonio Carlos; Pansarin, Emerson Ricardo