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2021Occurrence of contaminants of emerging concern in surface waters from Paraopeba river Basin in Brazil : seasonal changes and risk assessment.Correa, Joane Mariela Miari; Sanson, Ananda Lima; Machado, Célia de Fátima; Aquino, Sergio Francisco de; Afonso, Robson José de Cássia Franco
2009Simultaneous quantification of amphetamines and ephedrines in urine by GC/MS using analytical-grade acetic anhydride/ayridine as derivatizing reagents : a suitable approach to reduce costs of routine analyses.Bergo, Patrícia Luísa de Souza; Correa, Joane Mariela Miari; Nagem, Tanus Jorge; Augusti, Rodinei; Nascentes, Clésia Cristina