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2017CXCL-16, IL-17, and bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2) are associated with overweight and obesity conditions in middle-aged and elderly women.Ribeiro, Silvana Mara Luz Turbino; Lopes, Laís Roquete; Costa, Guilherme de Paula; Figueiredo, Vivian Paulino; Bajracharya, Deena Shrestha; Batista, Aline Priscila; Nicolato, Roney Luiz de Carvalho; Oliveira, Fernando Luiz Pereira de; Gomes, Juliana de Assis Silva; Silva, André Talvani Pedrosa da
2015Enalapril in combination with benznidazole reduces cardiac inflammation and creatine kinases in mice chronically infected with Trypanosoma cruzi.Penitente, Arlete Rita; Leite, Ana Luísa Junqueira; Costa, Guilherme de Paula; Bajracharya, Deena Shrestha; Horta, Aline Luciano; Natali, Antônio José; Neves, Clóvis Andrade
2017Expression and production of cardiac angiogenic mediators depend on the Trypanosoma cruzi-genetic population in experimental C57BL/6 mice infection.Bajracharya, Deena Shrestha; Bajracharya, Bijay; Costa, Guilherme de Paula; Salles, Beatriz Cristina Silveira; Leite, Ana Luísa Junqueira; Menezes, Ana Paula de Jesus; Souza, Débora Maria Soares de; Oliveira, Laser Antônio Machado de; Silva, André Talvani Pedrosa da
2014Production and expression of inflammation and angiogenic parameters triggered by different genetic population of Trypanosoma cruzi.Bajracharya, Deena Shrestha
2012Short-term therapy with simvastatin reduces inflammatory mediators and heart inflammation during the acute phase of experimental Chagas disease.Silva, Rafael Rodrigues; Bajracharya, Deena Shrestha; Leite, Camila Megale Almeida; Leite, Romulo; Bahia, Maria Terezinha; Silva, André Talvani Pedrosa da
2015Trypanosoma cruzi antigens induce inflammatory angiogenesis in a mouse subcutaneous sponge model.Silva, Francisca Hildemagna Guedes da; Bajracharya, Deena Shrestha; Salles, Beatriz Cristina Silveira; Figueiredo, Vivian Paulino; Lopes, Laís Roquete; Dias, Luiza; Barcelos, Luciola da Silva; Moura, Sandra Aparecida Lima de; Andrade, Silvia Passos de; Silva, André Talvani Pedrosa da