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2009Are gall midge species (Diptera, Cecidomyiidae) host-plant specialists?Carneiro, Marco Antonio Alves; Branco, Cristina Alves; Braga, Carlos E. Duarte; Almada, Emmanuel Duarte; Costa, Marina B. M.; Maia, Valéria Cid; Fernandes, Geraldo Wilson Afonso
2009Gall inducing arthropods from a seasonally dry tropical forest in Serra do Cipó, Brazil.Coelho, Marcel Serra; Almada, Emmanuel Duarte; Fernandes, Geraldo Wilson Afonso; Carneiro, Marco Antonio Alves; Santos, Rubens M. dos; Quintino, André V.; Sanchez Azofeifa, Arturo
2010Gall-inducing insect species richness as indicators of forest age and health.Fernandes, Geraldo Wilson Afonso; Almada, Emmanuel Duarte; Carneiro, Marco Antonio Alves
2019Manejo agroecológico de áreas sobre canga usando tecnologias e conhecimento tradicional.Ospina, Lina Marcela Urriago
2017Understory host plant and insect gall diversity changes across topographic habitats differing in nutrient and water stress in the Brazilian Amazon rainforest.Julião, Genimar Rebouças; Almada, Emmanuel Duarte; Costa, Flávia Regina Capellotto; Carneiro, Marco Antonio Alves; Fernandes, Geraldo Wilson Afonso