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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Thermodynamic and kinetic analyses of curcumin and bovine serum albumin binding.Hudson, Eliara Acipreste; Paula, Hauster Maximiler Campos de; Ferreira, Guilherme Max Dias; Ferreira, Gabriel Max Dias; Hespanhol, Maria do Carmo; Silva, Luis Henrique Mendes da; Pires, Ana Clarissa dos Santos
2018Trimellitated sugarcane bagasse : a versatile adsorbent for removal of cationic dyes from aqueous solution. Part I : batch adsorption in a monocomponent system.Fideles, Renata Aparecida; Ferreira, Gabriel Max Dias; Teodoro, Filipe Simões; Herrera Adarme, Oscar Fernando; Silva, Luis Henrique Mendes da; Gil, Laurent Frédéric; Gurgel, Leandro Vinícius Alves