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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013A numerical approach for equilibrium and stability analysis of slender arches and rings under contact constraints.Silveira, Ricardo Azoubel da Mota; Nogueira, Christianne de Lyra; Gonçalves, Paulo Batista
2012Numerical simulation of hillside mine waste dump construction.Teixeira, Marcílio Baltazar; Nogueira, Christianne de Lyra; Oliveira Filho, Waldyr Lopes de
2019Physical and geometric non-linear analysis using the finite difference method for one-dimensional consolidation problem.Pereira, Ronald Dantas; Nogueira, Christianne de Lyra
2016Simulação numérica acoplada, via MEF, da construção de um depósito de rejeito de minério de ferro.Braga, Ana Luiza Coelho
2013Use of the DCP test for compaction control of staged dikes in mining tailings dams.Resende, Lincoln Ribeiro Maia de; Oliveira Filho, Waldyr Lopes de; Nogueira, Christianne de Lyra
2011Validation of coupled simulation of excavations in saturated clay : Camboinhas case history.Nogueira, Christianne de Lyra; Azevedo, Roberto Francisco de; Zornberg, Jorge Gabriel