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Title: Variation in susceptibility to benznidazole in isolates derived from Trypanosoma cruzi parental strains.
Authors: Veloso, Vanja Maria
Toledo, Max Jean de Ornelas
Lana, Marta de
Chiari, Egler
Tafuri, Washington Luiz
Bahia, Maria Terezinha
Keywords: Chemotherapy
Drug susceptibility
Issue Date: 2001
Citation: VELOSO, V. M. et al. Variation in susceptibility to benznidazole in isolates derived from Trypanosoma cruzi parental strains. Memórias do Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, v. 96, n. 7, p.1005-1011, 2001. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 10 jan. 2017.
Abstract: In this work, the susceptibility to benznidazole of two parental Trypanosoma cruzi strains, Colombian and Berenice-78, was compared to isolates obtained from dogs infected with these strains for several years. In order to evaluate the susceptibility to benznidazole two groups of mice were infected with one of five distinct populations isolated from dogs as well as the two parental strains of T. cruzi. The first group was treated with benznidazole during the acute phase and the second remained untreated controls. The animals were considered cured when parasitological and serological tests remained persistently negative. Mice infected with the Colombian strain and its isolates Colombian (A and B) did not cure after treatment. On the other hand, all animals infected with Berenice-78 were cured by benznidazole treatment. However, 100%, 50% and 70% of cure rates were observed in animals infected with the isolates Berenice-78 B, C and D, respectively. No significant differences were observed in serological profile of infected control groups, with all animals presenting high antibody levels. However, the ELISA test showed differences in serological patterns between mice inoculated with the different T. cruzi isolates and treated with benznidazole. This variability was dependent on the T. cruzi population used and seemed to be associated with the level of resistance to benznidazole.
ISSN: 0074-0276
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