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Title: Avaliação dos métodos analíticos para a determinação de metabólitos do benzeno como potenciais biomarcadores de exposição humana ao benzeno no ar.
Other Titles: Evaluation of the analytical methods to determinate benzene metabolites as potencial biomarkers for determining human exposure to benzene in air.
Authors: Coutrim, Maurício Xavier
Carvalho, Lilian Rothschild Franco de
Arcuri, Arline Sydneia Abel
Keywords: Human exposure to air benzene
Muconic acid determination
S-phenylmercapturic acid determination
Issue Date: 2000
Citation: COUTRIM, M. X.; CARVALHO, L. R. F. de; ARCURI, A. S. A. Avaliação dos métodos analíticos para a determinação de metabólitos do benzeno como potenciais biomarcadores de exposição humana ao benzeno no ar. Química Nova, São Paulo, v. 23, n.05, p. 653-663, 2000. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 02 fev. 2015.
Abstract: Increasing attention is being paid to the use of biomarkers for determining the exposure of humans to air toxics. Biomarkers include the nonreacted toxic substance, their metabolites, or the reaction products of these toxics with naturally substances in the body. Significant progress has been made in the measurement of biomarkers during the past several years. Much of this progress has been because of the development of advanced analytical techniques for identification and quantification of the chemical species in complex matrix, such as biological fluids. The assessment of the potential cancer risk associated with exposure to benzene at occupational and non-occupational ambient is necessary because of the toxicological implications of this air pollutant. Thus, in this review, the analytical methodologies used to determine the benzene metabolites, in special, urinary muconic acid and S-phenylmercapturic acid, are described and several problems affecting the precision of these procedures are discussed. Finally, in view of the difficulty pointed out for selecting the more adequate biomarker, further studies to evaluate the human exposure levels to benzene should be done.
ISSN: 1678-7064
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