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Title: Uric acid level in climacteric women and its association with clinical and metabolic parameters.
Authors: Souza, Laura Alves Cota e
D’Angelo, Georgia Carvalho de Oliveira
Silva, Glenda Nicioli da
Lima, Angélica Alves
Issue Date: 2023
Citation: SOUZA, L. A. C. e et al. Uric acid level in climacteric women and its association with clinical and metabolic parameters. Scientific Reports, v. 13, artigo 8475, 2023. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 01 ago. 2023.
Abstract: Climacteric women often experience unfavorable metabolic changes. Consequently, identifying markers that may contribute to such undesirable changes is imperative. This study aimed to evaluate serum uric acid (UA) concentration and its association with metabolic and clinical parameters in climacteric women. We selected 672 women between 40 and 65 years and performed interviews, biochemical analyses, blood pressure, and anthropometric measurements. UA levels were determined using the enzymatic-colorimetric method. We compared variables according to the quartiles of UA using the Kruskal–Wallis test. The mean UA level was 4.9 ± 1.5 mg/dl, ranging from 2.0 to 11.6 mg/dl. We found that UA levels greater than 4.8 mg/dl were associated with adverse metabolic parameters in climacteric women. For all anthropometric and biochemical variables, we observed signifcantly better results in women who had lower UA levels (p< 0.05). Similarly, we observed a signifcant increase in blood pressure, frequency of metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular risk as UA levels increased (p< 0.05). Our fndings showed that climacteric women with high levels of UA were more likely to have adverse metabolic and clinical parameters than those with lower UA levels. Further studies may determine the causal relationship between UA and metabolic changes in climacteric women.
ISSN: 2045-2322
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