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2010Antigenic dietary protein guides maturation of the host immune system promoting resistance to Leishmania major infection in C57BL/6 mice.Amaral, Joana Ferreira do; Santos, Ana Cristina Gomes; Silva, Josiely Paula; Nicoli, Jacques Robert; Vieira, Leda Quercia; Faria, Ana Maria Caetano de; Silva, Juscilene Menezes da
2006Immunoglobulin production is impaired in protein-deprived mice and can be restored by dietary protein supplementation.Amaral, Joana Ferreira do; Foschetti, Daniela Abreu; Assis, Frankcinéia Aparecida de; Vaz, Nelson Monteiro; Silva, Juscilene Menezes da; Faria, Ana Maria Caetano de