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2005Germ-free mice produce high levels of interferon-gamma in response to infection with Leishmania major but fail to heal lesions.Oliveira, Marcia Rosa de; Tafuri, Wagner Luiz; Afonso, Luís Carlos Crocco; Oliveira, Milton Adriano Pelli de; Nicoli, Jacques Robert; Vieira, Etel Rocha; Scott, Phillip; Melo, Maria Norma; Vieira, Leda Quercia
1994Infection with Leishmania major induces interleukin-12 production in vivo.Vieira, Leda Quercia; Hondowicz, Brian D.; Afonso, Luís Carlos Crocco; Wysocka, Maria; Trinchieri, Giorgio; Scott, Phillip
1995Switch from a type 2 to a type 1 T helper cell response and cure of established Leishmania major infection in mice is induced by combined therapy with interleukin 12 and Pentostam.Nabors, Gary S.; Afonso, Luís Carlos Crocco; Farrell, Jay P.; Scott, Phillip